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Working with Barbara

Barbara's aim is to serve as a channel, tapping into her heightened sensitivity and intuitive powers to provide others with the clarity, direction, and self-awareness they need to navigate their own life's odyssey. Through her warm, compassionate approach, she hopes to empower those who seek her counsel, equipping them with the tools and perspective to uncover their own answers and unlock their true potential. Barbara is not here to spoon-feed the future, but to illuminate the present – to help others see the beauty, the meaning, and the infinite possibilities that lie within their grasp, at every step along the way.

Intuitive Barbara Visser

Barbara is here to demonstrate that she, just like her sister, has a unique ability to help people find the answers and purpose they are seeking. This gift of intuition and empathetic connection is a true blessing that she is eager to share with all who come to her for guidance. While she may not be able to predict the future or guarantee a decade of happiness, what Barbara can offer is something far more valuable – genuine insight, meaningful advice, and a deeper understanding of the many paths that make up the 

journey of life. Her role is not to simply hand over a pre-packaged vision of what's to come, like the fortunes found in mass-produced cookies.

Barbara Oosterhoff's background is unusual and multifaceted, shaped by her experiences growing up between Europe and Asia. At the age of 48, she reflects on her life with a touch of humor, acknowledging that it's not always easy to confront one's age, but doing so with a lighthearted spirit. Married for 17 years, Barbara exudes a sense of contentment and stability in her personal life, even as she continues to explore the world and its diverse ways of living.

This cross-cultural upbringing has imbued Barbara with a deep appreciation for the richness of human connection and spirituality. She possesses a keen understanding of the nuances and differences in how people approach life, allowing her to seamlessly navigate between various cultural and spiritual traditions. This multidimensional foundation serves as the bedrock from which Barbara derives her approach to engaging with others and seeking answers to life's profound questions.

Barbara's ability to blend the disparate influences of her upbringing has granted her a rare and valuable perspective. She can identify common threads that unite seemingly disparate worldviews, fostering a sense of unity and interconnectedness. This talent for bridging divides and finding common ground enables Barbara to connect with people on a profound level, leveraging her diverse experiences to offer unique insights and perspectives that resonate across cultural boundaries. It is this multidimensional approach that underpins Barbara's efforts to help others navigate the complexities of life, drawing from a wellspring of wisdom and understanding that transcends the limits of any single tradition.

A Different Approach

Working with an intuitive like myself is a uniquely collaborative and transformative experience. Rather than simply providing generic tarot readings or angelic messages, I take the time to truly get to know each individual I work with. This personalized approach is essential, as it allows our "spiritual gyroscopes" to become aligned and creates the optimal foundation for our journey together. The process begins with an open and honest dialogue, where I learn about your specific needs, concerns, and intentions. Through this exchange, a bond of trust is gradually forged, empowering us both to explore the deeper layers of your spiritual path with authenticity and vulnerability. It's a two-way street, you see - as I attune myself to your energetic frequency, you in turn become an integral part of my own evolution as a conduit for divine guidance. Whether I'm interpreting the symbolic language of the tarot, channeling messages from the angelic realm, or weaving together various intuitive modalities, the ultimate goal is to provide you with profound insights and clarity that catalyze your personal transformation. This is no generic, one-size-fits-all approach; rather, it is a dynamic, co-creative experience tailored to your unique spiritual blueprint. So come as you are, dear seeker, and prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery like no other. For when you and I join forces, the possibilities for growth and enlightenment are truly boundless.

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"I always like to have a "get to know you" conversation, because it is important to have a connection. Our call usually lasts around 20-30 minutes and it's completely free of charge. Many readers out there provide different types of readings with varying prices based on the duration. But for me, each reading is special and I dedicate my time fully, typically for an hour or even longer. Once we click and feel that connection, we can schedule your personalised reading session."

Tarot reading

1 hour - $55

The reading includes a special and customized transcript, allowing you to revisit it whenever you want: $60

The reading includes a message or prayer in Theban (angelic language) for a certain angel based on the reading: $60

Total package: $65

Message or prayer in Theban for a certain purpose i.e., health and relationships: $33

Ritual to invoke an angel or find out who your guardian angel is: $88 (currently available by request only)

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Contact Details

For more information regarding the services I offer and how I work, you can always contact me:


Instagram: @barbaraoosterhoff

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