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Power Soul Healing

"Know that each and every one of you is a beautiful ray of the Divine, yet through the sheer art of human conditioning, we have cloaked the Light of our Souls, causing our hearts to be heavy and frayed with the illusion of our created insecurities. Remove the layers, scrub the soot of that tarred Mind of yours and see yourself for the beautiful stark naked sparkling Divinelicious wonder of a Soul that you are,  and know that you are never alone, for you are loved beyond measure by all your Brothers and Sisters of the Light in the Multiverse. Much love and light to you on your continued evolution and journey of Life."

~ Birgitta


There are a variety of topics with enlightening content Birgitta shares with audiences through a mix of her life experiences, professional training & experience, humor, and compassion; she merges energy, authenticity, and enthusiasm to empower and encourage any audience. ​While Birgitta routinely delivers custom content, her most popular topics include:

  • How to unlock one's own true potential into a better understanding of oneself and the Universe. 

  • How to live a life in the naked BEingness of your Soul.

  • How to be ready to let go of your old programming, rise above the drama in your life, recover the Light of yourself, and journey beyond the here and now.

  • Why conform to the illusion of the current human vibration after seeing it is all but an illusion as portrayed by those controlling it? Strip the veil. I dare you to live a life according to your own vibrational tune.

  • Life is about empowering oneself and understanding that experiences are not here to downgrade, but to upgrade oneself, walking back to the remembrance of loving oneself, for Love is your Divine Nature - it is the exquisite vibrance of your Soul.

  • The importance of the real Soul depth of one’s existence and how much one is ingrained within the attachment of one’s experiences. To let go or not to let go, that is the question.


If you are interested in learning more about how Birgitta would be an ideal fit and inspiration for your audience, please reach out to us today.

Birgitta Visser
Power Soul Healing

Inspirational TV Channel

Birgitta interviews people that inspire others with their stories of overcoming obstacles and challenges and learning from life's experiences to live an abundant and meaningful life. The messages are meant to help you unlock your own inner power and live a life fulfilled. Life is a journey and a beautiful one at that. No matter the challenges thrown your way, once in acceptance, dance through them gracefully, for life is a dance eternal. Once you change your thinking, your inner workings, you will notice your outer world starting to shift, and once you do that, the particles in your Universe will start to shift and dance to a different beat. Life is a beautiful ride, enjoy the videos and start living to your own true potential. Be you, be true, be your Authentic Self.

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March / April 2024

The School of Healing with Dominiece Clifton.jpg

The School of Healing

Non-Linear Healing Podcast.jpg

Non-Linear Healing Podcast

The Silly Meridian Podcast.jpeg

The Silly Meridian Podcast


Rock Movers

February 2024

Screenshot 2024-02-12 095912.png

Forty Drinks Podcast


Avoid the Maze Podcast


You're Worthless Podcast

January 2024


KAJ Masterclass Podcast


Who the f*ck?

Screenshot 2024-01-20 211002.png

Rutuja Ramtake Interview

November / December 2023


A Place for Open Minds - Part 2


A Place for Open Minds - Part 1


LOA Today - Part 2


LOA Today - Part 1

Screenshot 2023-12-11 200853.png

Conversations with Mayi Lenz


The Blossom Experiment

October 2023

August / September 2023

Screenshot 2023-08-03 190002.png

The Treasure is YOU!

Meltdown to Mastery.jpg

Meltdown to Mastery

Screenshot 2023-08-23 122220.png

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

Happy Brain.jpg

Happy Brain


Dream Power Radio


Trauma Hiders Club

Screenshot 2023-10-07 083033.png

Linda's Corner Podcast

thumbnail_Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 12.52.55 PM.png

Maybe I Can!

S20E3 - Birgitta Visser.png

Conscious Radio Network

July 2023

Birgitta Visser.jpg

One More Thing Before You Go

Screenshot 2023-08-01 153835.png

The Vibes Braadcast Network

Screenshot 2023-08-01 154304.png

Supernormalized Podcast

June 2023

Ligh Codes.jpg

HealnLearn with Zorina

Closer to Venus.jpg

Closer to Venus

AIO 88- Feature Image.jpg


April 2023

Expansion of Consciousness_BirgittaVisser_youtubebanner.png

Expansion of Consciousness


Michelle's Inspiration Hour


Postcards to the Universe

Don Cromwell Live.jpg

Don Cromwell Show

March 2023

Birgitta Visser Graphic.png

The Inspired Women Podcast

Gentle Yoga Warrior.jpg

The Gentle Yoga Warrior

February 2023

Intuitive Show.jpg

The Voice of Intuition

In Turn Podcast.jpg

In Turn Podcast


Your CEO Self Podcast

January 2023


The Way Home with Laura Smith

City's Backyard.jpg

City's Backyard


Downtown with Rich Kimball

The Sensitive Collective.png

The Sensitive Collective

Jim & Lucy Woods.jpg

Motivational Monday


YTP Entertainment

December 2022

The Tragedy Acadamy.jpg

The Tragedy Academy


Empath & the Narcissist
The Raven Scott Show


Women Seeking Wholeness


Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino

World Awakenings

World Awakenings

visser graphic.png

Disembodied Podcast

A Little Less Fear Podcast.jpg

A Little Less Fear Podcast

October / November 2022

Disrupt Now Podcast

Disrupt Now Podcast

Minds Like Mine's Podcast

Minds Like Mine's Podcast

September 2022

Birgitta Visser

Soul to Soul with Roxanne

Masters of the Matrix

Masters of the Matrix

Existential Empath Podcast

The Existential Empath Podcast

"Your inner vibration will always match the external vibration you attract - change your inner world to create better outcomes in your outer world, and trust me life will be a feat of a luscious dandiliciousness."

~ The Ascended Master St Germain

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