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Power Soul Healing

​​Power Soul Healing is the art of healing and empowering your own soul.  It is about taking back your I AM Power and learning to stand in your own True Authenticity.  We are all Sparks of the Divine Consciousness, co-creating in the experiment of the human embodiment. 

Don't like it, well then it's time to get with the program and start making the necessary changes to live a Life more abundant in all ways, for trust me you are deserving!  We are all electro magnetic frequency waves, the Alchemists of our own creations.  Don't like the story change the energetic vibration thereof.  We are all Conscious Fields of Energy, plugged into the Whole, the One Field where all Energy resides as One.  We play this game of Cosmic hide and seek with the Self, to evolve the learned Self to the Mastery of our true Authenticity. We are all part of the same song, the same verse, the Uni-verse - just in different tones and octaves trying to find harmony, hence fine-tuning oneself, finding that melodic balance that vibrates to your own Divine Frequency.  And once we do so individually and collectively we'll all be singing from that same One verse - the Uni-verse - and thus we are All One

Who Am I

I am a Light Empowerment Coach, a Soul Configurator (not my terminology but theirs), a bit of a Galactic kite surfer, a supersonic boomerang, reverberating the messages from across the pandemonium of the Conscious ever weaving tapestry of the Universe. Surfing across the Cosmic Waves delivering messages from the Light BEings to the aid of humanity. In many ways that makes me a Courier, a Messenger for those that wish convey a message across


My journey inward is an expansion in both my inner and outer worlds, I am who I am, and have learned to embrace all quirky aspects of myself and so can you.  Why conform to the illusion of the current human vibration seeing it is all but an illusion as portrayed by those controlling the illusion?

Strip the veil and I dare you to live a life according to your own vibrational tune


I am simply here to plant a ‘food for thought’ seed – an unlocking of one’s own true potential into a better understanding of oneself and the Universe, I am a mere Way-guide in those seeking my aid in unveiling their true Soul’s purpose as that's what I'm here for, to help you live the life you have always envisioned for yourself.  Mine was trial and error, but I have figured it out, naturally am still learning as I go along!

Know that we are only temporary visitors to this beautiful Earth plane. We've put on our suit for the 'vacation' so you might as well make the most out of it. We live in an age of duality, which is a beautiful thing for we are but mere reflections of one another, we are each others greatest teachers, the flipside, not wanting to deal with the shadows within nor wanting to evolve, but remaining stuck in your current programming, that is even more painful.  Like the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, you too can be free of those restraints, by embracing your Divinity.  The miracle of Life is letting go of the past, creating in the present moment for the shaping of better tomorrows.

Simply be who you are

Embrace yourself, embrace the Journey

Love yourself

Be in acceptance of the you in you

And learn to live a little and to love a little along the way of rediscovering who you are on this epic Journey called Life

~The Divine~