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The Origins of the Ancients

Birgitta Visser and Kate Buxton focusing on the beliefs of ancients religions, Light Beings, spirituality and theorries. The show will also cover other interesting topics with many special guests, such as well known authors and mediums.


Bi-weekly on Fridays at 8PM UK time

04 Sept 2020

18 Sept 2020

02 Oct 2020

16 Oct 2020

30 Oct 2020



I don't have a degree in art, but ever since I was a tot I have loved painting, I give workshops in which I work with colours after which I will explain to others what they mean, but also the way they paint - it reflects where they are in their own lives and what they could possibly work on. 

Meditative Art is applying a meditative state of mind while expressing creatively.

  • Learn to use your personal creative gift in a positive way.

  • Explore artistic expression in a meditative, receptive state for meditation has many health benefits.

  • Empower yourself and your creativity with ancient wisdom and quiet inner work.

  • Deepen your awareness of and connection to body and breath

  • Create more collaboration / inner harmony with the self

  • Experience artistic passion as an integral part of spiritual life

  • Discover art as a path to developing awareness, learning about yourself and connecting to that which is beyond.

  • Every person is creative - one just has to sit down and let it all out.


Colour is energy, colour has influence on our mood and has a healing influence.  Our body has various energy points or chakras that are associated with colour.  If something bothers us or we are blocked physically or emotionally then colour can aid in unblocking the energy fields / the chi.  Colour paintings can do a lot, they can influence the home, the office, communication between people, families etc. Every piece of art has hidden messages, in both the colours and ways people paint, i.e. one can paint fluidly or choppy, one can use bright or dark colours. - it all pertains to that individual.

Cost - £25 p.p which includes supplies and snacks.