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Power Soul Healing

What I Want For You

To help you find your truth, by finding your SOUL'S purpose, allowing you to live a far more authentic life.  How?  I’m a mere tool in the toolbox to unlocking your own door of Soul.  You can only be your most authentic Self when you choose to be true to yourself.  All the answers you seek lie within. The world's greatest guru resides not without, but within the beautiful dormant chambers of your heart. Seek and ye will find, knock and the door to the remembrance of Self will open.


Birgitta is Soul Empowerment Coach and Light Configurator, delivering messages from the many Light BEings to the aid of humanity. She is a Courier for those who wish to convey their messages across.


Birgitta draws from her myriad life experiences— having traveled the world, absorbing different cultures, holding many different jobs, from modeling to designing websites, bartending, hostessing, being a brand promo girl, a healer, teacher, reading her stacks of oracles decks for others, designing jewelry, concocting brews of organic soaps and candles to maneuvering within the slick corporate world, and more. She has also had illustrious past lives both Earthly and Galactic.


Her often turbulent journey has been a learning curve. She is who she is, and has learned to embrace all quirky aspects of herself, often stumbling through the darkness of her trauma yet never giving up. Why conform to the illusion of the current human vibration? Strip the veil and dare to live a life according to your own vibrational tune.


She is simply here to plant a seed; to help unlock one's own true potential into a better understanding of oneself and the Universe. People often think that transformation commences from without, but inner movement commences from within - when one transforms within, one transforms one's world without, having a domino effect in the world we so dance in.

Birgitta Visser.jpg
"Know that each and every one of you is a beautiful ray of the Divine"

~ Birgitta

Birgitta Visser
Birgitta Visser
Power Soul Healing

Birgitta's Areas of Expertise

All of Birgitta's experiences have led her to this point in her Life; without them, she would not have a story to tell. As a Child of the World, seeker to the expansion of Consciousness of Self, it took her years to realize why her life was an eclectic bag of mixed experiences, some utterly sour and distasteful, and some sweeter, bringing me immense joy. You can also learn from Birgitta's experiences and embark on this epic journey called Life.

  • Usui Reiki - First and Second Degree Reiki Training & Level 3 - Masters

  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction Studies Diploma Certificate (with Distinction) through the Open College, UK

  • Angelic Reiki

  • Anubis Reiki

  • Egyptian Shamanism

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) through Paul and Val Lynch at the Heart Centre

  • Holistic and Advanced Holistic Nutrition through the SNHS (Higher International Diploma)

  • Meridian Psychotherapy and Advanced Meridian Psychotherapy through the SNHS (higher International Diploma)

  • Meditation Tuition Teachers Diploma Certificate

  • Professional Relaxation Therapy

  • Quantum Touch Healing - Level 1

  • Aromatherapy

  • AromaTouch Technique (ATT)

  • Light Language Healing Practitioner Course

  • Alchemy Sound Bowl Healing

  • Member of the Universal Life Church Monastery

  • Registered with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

  • Fitness & Spinning Instructor

Birgitta Visser.jpg

Why Book Birgitta

With the hardship and trauma in the world at large, not to mention in our personal lives, with many suffering from the same repetitive experiences, and not understanding why nothing changes, we may find it difficult to connect to a higher purpose, feel empowered, or dedicate time to the important work of healing your body, mind, and soul. 


Birgitta beautifully presents the first steps someone needs to take to brave the winds of change instead of merely just standing there, looking rather surly, feeling direly alone, and uncertain in the uncomfortable twilight zone of oneself.


Help your audience unleash their inner Alchemist and live a Life in the naked BEingness of their Soul. To feature Birgitta's book, interview Birgitta, or invite her to speak at your event please reach out to us today.

"Life is a beautiful experiment for you to experience. Live it, dancing to the very breath and rhythm of your beautiful Divine I AM Presence. You are here to Master the inner Alchemist of Self, weaving your Reality according to the music that resonates with the sweet song of your Soul"

~ The Divine

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