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I have studied many healing modalities and as every Soul is unique and has a resonance with their own Divine Blueprint - every healing I now do pertains to that individual, no healing is ever the same.  You've most probably landed on this page because on a deeper level your Soul truly wants to heal. I am not here to provide you with a band-aid, I am here to help you embrace your full potentiality, work on all aspects of yourself by giving you the tools to achieve just that. 

In my healing sessions, I use the Metatron cube mat, which re-aligns you back to your Higher Self and your Soul self.  The Metatron cube dates back to Atlantean and Egyptian ancient times and aids in planetary healing, self-healing and transformation; healing of the Mind, body and emotions; it can trigger a spiritual awakening; increased vitality; deep transcendental meditation and reported pain relief & improved sleep.

I work with who I am guided to work with in the higher realms and may also use my crystal weavers, singing bowls, angelic tuning forks, Usui, Karuna, Anubis Reiki and/or EFT.

Dis-ease is but the body out of sync with the e-motions of thy own created thinking into the setting of in motion of the frequency of the bodily functions on a cellular level encoding thy DNA as such

One is but the demise of one’s own doing

Your body is a temple of inhabitation

The greatest healer known, is but oneself, for one can shift the paradigm of the cells to thy own Frequency be True

Step into thy own enlightened Merkabah and ask but for the healing and the aid of my Brother, the Archangel Metatron

Healing in the current emotional state of awareness serves but like a band-aid, a temporary distraction of a feeling of euphoria


If one does not understand the matrix of reprogramming oneself to the Awakened state of BEing, of finding the Self back to thy Authentic Self, then such is a choice of remaining but stagnant in the ever-repetitive programming of one’s DNA

~Ascended Master Thoth~

Reiki healing energy provides means to balance the human energy fields (Auras) and energy centers (Chakras) to create conditions needed for the bodies healing system to function.


Reiki practitioners transmit energy by light touch or through distant healing. During and after a treatment the client may experience feelings of inner peace, relaxation, calm, and over all wellbeing. This is normal and should be embraced.


A Reiki healing session lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. It is a hands-on healing, performed with the client lying down on a healing/massage table, fully clothed.


When the flow of the "Life Force Energy" is disrupted, weakened or blocked, emotional or health problems tend to occur. Imbalances can be caused from many situations occurring in our lives, such as: emotional or physical trauma, injury, negative thoughts and feelings, including fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, toxicity and nutritional depletion.


A crystal weaver re-aligns and rebalances your chakras, and brings you into a state of deep mental relaxation.  Once elevated to this relaxed state of expanded consciousness you’ll be able to gain insights into certain areas in your life, clear emotional obstacles, or simply reconnect with your own blueprint allowing you to refocus on your goals in life.

It consists of a 3.5” lab grown Siberian quartz, in a variety of colours, with two magnets placed parallel to each other on either  side of the crystal, wrapped in copper. A gold plated chain with a small crystal on the end is used to hold the hanging Etheric Weaver, like a pendulum.

The Etheric Weaver is used to naturally balance and align chakra energies and each colour creates a specific frequency that resonates with the body and realigns the energy field in the etheric layer.

It can be used direct or as a distance healing tool - both on oneself and others. The etheric weaver works with the energy of the Seven Rays - the colours of the rainbow - to heal and align the whole body and its hundreds of chakras, rather than focusing on the seven primary chakra centres.

Subconsciously you are aware of what you want and who you are, you simply need a little “magic” to help you remember and to give you that spiritual boost to make it happen. Also great for clearing spaces, healing on animals and energising food and water.



Anubis Reiki draws from the Ancient Egyptians combining these with chanelled healing from the angels, ascended masters and galactic healers. It actually originates from the ancient wisdom and healing techniques of Atlantis and Lemuria.


Anubis Reiki channels beneficial energy to the recipient, which can bring support on all levels. People usually feel very relaxed and peaceful, and find that it can help alleviate symptoms of stress, pain and worry.

The Angelic Tuning Forks used for healing are a key aspect of sound and vibrational healing therapy. They have a far more high-pitched sound than Tibetan Singing Bowls and through experience have found them to be so effective especially those suffering from phsyical pain.


Linking in directly on their frequency, healing is more effective. This alternative form of therapy involves using specific pitches, sounds, and vibrations to relieve stress, alleviate both emotional and phsyical pain and bring about homeostasis (internal balance) within the body. They help the client to release these emotions from their physical body and aura and have the ability to emit vibrations and frequency. When a tuning fork is struck, it not only vibrates the fork itself, but it also vibrates the surrounding air space with the same frequency of vibration. This sends the vibration as an impulse through the air. This vibration can be harnessed to help increase the healing energy inside us.


Tuning forks are used to treat everyone from children to adults and even pets.

                           USUI REIKI


Reiki Is a Japanese concept translated as “Universal Life Force Energy.” The phrase was coined by Mikao Usui, desribing the energy that he had contacted through years of self-preparation and dedication. Dr Usui, in a past life was a High Priest during the Golden Age of Atlantis.  He helped during its demise but much knowledge was lost.  Reiki stems from Atlantis and after its fall, the symbolism and healing techniques were taken to Tibet, many were initiated, but mankind used it for its own personal gain and thus the wisdom was taken away until such time part of it could be returned.  Dr Usui received several of these symbols and many practitioners use it in their practise today.


It is a natural, non-invasive and safe technique used to promote healing, improve health, reduce stress, induce deep states of relaxation, relieve pain and enhance the quality of life.



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