Buzy B Boutique Organics was founded as more and more people were asking for oils for their aches and pains and even their diffusers. My line consists of beautiful blends of organic goats milk soaps, candles and dead sea salt scrubs, using DoTerra and other organic oils. It is a diverse blend that has started to become popular through word of mouth.  Many clients have stated that my soaps smell so good they'd almost want to take a bite out of them :)

Pls note that all orders handmade are made to order.

If you would like more information or want to order for either yourself or someone special, please contact us to start the initial process.

100 ml - from £3.99          150 ml - from £4.99  (depending on the oils used)

Wax melts - 6 for £5.99

All fragrances which also includes:-

- Jasmine & Pear

- Simply Vanilla

- Lemongrass & Ginger

- Rose

*whilst supplies last
White Choc Chip Xmas Cookies
£3.99 / £4.99
A wonderful batch of freshly baked white choc chip cookies with a yummy base note of vanilla and semi-sweet chocolate
Pixie Dust
£3.99 / £4.99
A creamy blend of candy and fruits, pear, sweet notes, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry.
Apples & Spice
£3.99 / £4.99
A delicious warm Christmas blend of apples, vanilla, and cinnamon.
Apples and Pears
£3.99 / £4.99
The fruity aroma of fresh cut pears with a hint of orchard greenery, accented with citrus, melon and a hint of apple blossom.
Vanilla Cupcakes
£3.99 / £4.99
A daringly sweet white cake with hints of creamy sugary vanilla frosting.
Stawberries & Cream
£3.99 / £4.99
The aroma of fresh, juicy strawberries with just the right amount of creamy sweetened whipped cream
£3.99 / £4.99
The juicy aroma of fresh ripe delicious peach.
Rhubarb & Custard
£3.99 / £4.99
A blend of sharp fresh rhubarb with rich sweet custard, smells just divine.
Pina Colada
£3.99 / £4.99
A creamy explosion of exotic fruits, fresh notes of Caribbean coconut sweetened by tropical sun drenched pineapple and sweet orange.
£3.99 / £4.99
The deliciously fresh, ripe and juicy scent of pears will invigorate and sweeten your senses.
£3.99 / £4.99
The wonderful scent of a freshly popped bottle of ice cold bubbly of sweet grape aromas topped with a splash of orange. An uplifting and crisp scent - however strong so be warned
£3.99 / £4.99
The aroma of a fresh, sweet, just picked, ripe red apples
Cherry Amaretto
£3.99 / £4.99
If you like sweet liqueur, cherries and almond flavor, you'll love the smell of this.
£3.99 / £4.99
A fruity, tropical scent to invigorate and refresh your inner self.
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Vanilla Cupcakes

£3.99 / £4.99 A daringly sweet white cake with hints of creamy sugary vanilla frosting.