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The term absent healing can best be explained as ‘healing at a distance through the application of thought’. This method of spiritual healing is just as beneficial as contact healing because the effects of healing are brought about by the natural healing forces.


If you know someone, who is in need of healing (not just physical, but may i.e. just need an extra bit of strengh or love) you can send me your name or names of family members or pets that need healing sent to them with a request to add them to my absent healing book - please use the form below.  No details required only the name of person you wish to send healing to, - however if you wish to state in short what the issue is you are free to do so, but it is not necessary.

Note no information received will be passed on to anyone for any purpose whatsoever.


Absent Healing will be sent out at 7.00pm Thursday evenings.


The healings given through this project of mine are not meant to substitute for more personalized treatment. If you desire individualized attention, feel free to contact me for a private session. Private sessions generally will be charged a fee.